Monthly Membership Program


Our membership program gives players full access to The Hockey Loft’s state of the art training facility, during exlusive Member’s Only time slots. Players are to work on their own, but will be supplied with a suggested workout package which they can follow if they please. The workout package will consist of how to utilize the different stations and how to utilize set training circuits which have been developed by the staff at The Hockey Loft. There will be 24 hours each month dedicated to Members in which players can come use the training facility.


Members only hours:
Monday 3pm-5:30pm
Tuesday 3pm-5:30pm
Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm
Thursday 3pm-5:30pm

(times are subject to change at THL’s discretion)


Cost: $50/Month (+HST)
(All new registrations are subject to a $25 registration fee)


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