Congratulations to CCS on their 2-1 victory over the
Rivulettes in the 2013 Hockey Loft Thursday Night Women’s League final. The
game saw exciting end to end action throughout with CCS scoring late in the
game to seal the victory. There will be a short break before the women go toe
to toe in the winter league. We look forward to more fun and exciting action!

The 2013 CCS roster included:

Murphy Apperson           Kelly Auld

Lynn Cowman                  Jacqueline DiCarlo

Jessica Doornbosch        Rachel Greguol

Becki Hamilton                Lori Hennessey

Stacey McConnell            Courtney Reid

Kayla Schmitz                  Melody Shewman

Megan Slumskie              Lindsay Snider

Shannon Walker

On March 19, 2013, The Hockey Loft and Eclipse Sports installed a synthetic ice pad in the lobby of The Baycrest Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. The pad was used for a charity hockey game to promote awareness for Alzheimer’s. The game was a hit and promoted a lot of awareness for further events.


The Hockey Loft would like to congratulate Mitchell Klie on his recent Cherry Cup playoff heroics. Mitchell scored two overtime winning goals during the 2013 playoff run as well as other game winning goals. What more would you expect from an employee of The Hockey Loft? Good luck to Mitchell and the rest of the Cambridge Winterhawks in the Sutherland Cup finals.

Mitchell Klie, Hometown Hero

A little story about my buddy Dennis Seidenberg, 2011 Stanley Cup Champion with the Boston Bruins.

I met Dennis more than 12 years ago playing professional hockey in Mannheim Germany. I had been playing professional hockey in North America for 10 years and had decided it was a good time to go overseas and give European professional hockey a try. Little did I know that when I bumped into a skinny, pimply faced 17 year old German kid, I would have never had guessed he would become one of my best friends. I mean I was 30 years old, and I had this young 17 year German kid on my team. I thought this kid should be playing in some junior League in Germany, not playing professional hockey with a bunch of men that had already played years of pro hockey while this kid was still in diapers. Well, did he change our minds in a heartbeat.

 Right from day one we all knew that Dennis had something else other kids his age did not, the willingness to listen and learn from his elders, and a work ethic that would rival Chris Chelios. I mean this kid wanted it.

I had played hockey with a lot of young hockey players in the past, but Dennis was different, not only was it unusual for German kid to take up hockey and not soccer, being that he was from Germany, but the kid understood the game like he had already played 1000 games in the NHL. We knew this kid was special.

I was lucky enough to become great friends with Dennis while playing with him for the Mannheim Eagles of The German Elite League, where we won a Championship in 2001!

The rest really is history; in 2001 Dennis was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers where he played for 3 seasons before being traded to the Phoenix Coyotes where he played for 2 seasons. He then signed with the Carolina Hurricanes and played 3 seasons with them, got traded to the Florida Panthers and played in Sunny south Florida for one year.

This leads us to present day. Dennis has been a part of the Boston Bruins for the past 2 years, last season winning the Stanley Cup with the Bruins. Not a bad little trip for a skinny, Pimply kid from Germany eh?

The best part of this whole story is that after Dennis had won the Stanley Cup, he wanted to plan his party with the Cup. As everyone knows, each player from the Cup winning team gets to party with the Cup for 24 hours. Well Dennis thought it would be a great idea to invite all of the guys from his German winning Championship team from 2001, the Mannheim Eagles to party with him for a weekend in Atlantic City (that is just the type of person Dennis is, always thinking of his buddies). Well let’s just say that everyone from that team made the trip to Atlantic City. Here are some pictures with Dennis and the Cup from that weekend in Atlantic City.

Congratulations Buddy, we are all so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd Hlushko

Dennis Seidenberg and Todd Hlushko pose with the Stanley cup together

Seidenberg, The Hockey Loft, and the Stanley Cup! A match made in Heaven!!

The Hockey Loft ball Cap is a perfect fit on Lord Stanley

Todd Hlushko and Dennis Seidenberg celebrate the Stanley Cup with Former teammates from the Mannheim Eagles of the German Elite League.

Todd Hlushko and former teammates, Dave Thomlinson, Steve Junker, and Ron Pasco pose with the Stanley Cup in Atlantic City.

The Hockey Loft was privaledged to give back to the community and as able to do so, by helping to bring Christmas cheer to a small first nations community in Northern Ontario. We travelled with Noront Resources to Webequie, a small community of 800, is located 540 kilometers north of Thunder Bay. It was a very interesting and rewarding experience. We were able to provide gifts for the youth of the community, as well as offer our expertise in providing some good old fashioned out door hockey training! Read more here.

Below are a few pictures!