Rent The Hockey Loft – The most reasonable rental program in town!

Hockey is an ever evolving sport. Recent development and rule changes have placed much emphasis on raw skill and skill development. The days of clutch and grab hockey are long behind us. Shooting, puck handling and skating are the staple skills of today’s game, and without these basic foundations in place it is easy to fall behind. With ice time limitations and the need to teach team systems, these skills often become overlooked by coaches and organizations. There is a very feasible and functional answer to this problem. The Hockey Loft is a state of the art facility which is both cost and time effective while offering the best in skill development for any individual or team.

Playoff Push Package Rates (February 10 – March 31st):

3 or more rentals – $100 + HST (per rental)

Birthday Rental Rates:

1 Hour Rental: $150 +HST

Team Rental Rates:

1-4 Sessions: $150 plus HST per session

5-9 Sessions: $135 plus HST per session

10+ Sessions: $120 plus HST per session


The Hockey Loft not only provides a state of the art facility it also offers professional skill instruction and skill development programs offered to coaches which are designed to get the most out of their players. Coaches will be walked through the facility and given a specific protocol on the equipment and drills needed to utilize the facility to its maximum potential. Every fifth session will be a progressing training session and The Hockey Loft training staff will be on hand to demonstrate and impart skill specific technique to the players.


There are 8 state of the art, controlled stations designed for a specific skill application at The Hockey Loft. Click here for more information on these stations.