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The Hockey Loft is gearing up for the 2013 summer season! With a new season comes new training! Please select individual program for pricing and more information on our new and exciting programs!

The Hockey Loft Inc. is a progressive hockey training facility that guarantees and proves results. This is achieved through the use of innovative equipment provided by Eclipse Sports Inc. used within our off ice facility, and specialized sport specific training programs offered on the state of the art ice surface within the Cambridge Ice Center. Our highly experienced staff and comprehensive protocol are committed to making each and every athlete that experiences our hockey skills development center the best they can be.

Just a friendly reminder that the required equipment is; skates, helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and a stick. Please allow at least 24 hours for any bookings or cancellations.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact us at 519-621-7907 or email us at

The Hockey Loft is proud to announce a brand new program for adults who are interested in learning basic hockey fundamentals in every aspect.  This is supposed to be a fun experience for adults who want to learn basic hockey skills.  We will focus on the basic techniques of shooting, stick handeling, and skating.  We encourage all adults who either want to continue their hockey career or willing to start their hockey career in this fun experience.



Privates- $70 per session (+HST)

Semi-Privates- $55 per session (+HST)

Package of 5 Privates- $65 per session (+HST)

Package of 5 Semi-Privates- $50 per session (+HST)

Package of 10 Privates- $60 per session (+HST)

Package of 10 Semi-Privates- $45 per session (+HST)

Small Group Training

3 Individual- $110 (+HST)

Package of 5- $100 per session (+HST)

Package of 10- $90 (+HST)


Shooting Clinics


The Hockey Loft is excited to introduce our newly remodeled shooting clinics. There are three tiers based on skill level and skill development. This enables the player to graduate their skills in an organized learning environment which follows strict skill development protocol. Each player has the option to begin at any tier they would like and advance according on their ability as our staff makes critical assessments on the player’s progression and will advise the player on his or her development progress. (Finishing a class at one Tier does not necessarily graduate the player to move to the next Tier – repetition plus correction perfects the skill)

Cost: $160 + HST


September Shooting Clinic and SAQ

September pre-season blitz

Monday September 22nd- Friday September 26th

5:30pm-7:30pm – 5:30-6:30 is a shooting clinic

6:30-7:30 is the SAQ

Players are welcome to participate in both hours if they would like


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SAQ - Complete Skills Hockey Loft Workout

The focus of the the SAQ - Complete Skills Hockey Loft Workout is incorporating a great strength and conditioning workout into a skill development workout in The Hockey Loft’s training facility. All components of the workout are hockey oriented and designed to complement the players’ skillset.

Players will be run through a series of circuits which focus on breaking a player down physically through intense skating, medicine ball exercises and full body movements. At the same time, the player will be working through a series of skill development drills which focus on muscle memory through repetition. The proper skills training combined with muscle fatigue and repetition will engrain the proper skill technique into the player.

This workout is designed for players over the age of 12 years old who are experienced hockey players and is great for cardiovascular development, muscle development and memory as well as hockey skill development.


Cost – $160 +HST


Wednesdays - August 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th  - From 5:00 – 6:00pm

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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Private & Semi-Private lessons are a great opportunity for students to be coached on any and all areas that need improvement. The coaches will be there for correction with repetition, as needed and to encourage proper work ethic. We have seen a huge improvement in the players who have had private and semi-private lessons. For the lessons please allow at least 24 hours for booking and cancellation as the lessons will fill up fast.

We allow 1:1 (Private) or 2:1 (Semi-Private) student to coach ratio training. Semi-Private lessons require both players to be registered at the time of the booking.


Please call (519) 621-7907 or e-mail for avaliblity


$70  per private lesson

$55 per semi-private lesson

Private package of 5 – $65 per session

Semi-Private package of 5 – $50 per session

Private package of 10- $60 per session

Semi/Private of 10- $45 per session



3 individuals- $110 per session

Package of 5- $100 per session

Package of 10- $90 per session

Please contact us at (519) 621-7907 or email to set up a training session.

Power Skating Fall 2014 – Sundays – 9:30-10:30


The Hockey Loft power skating is a dynamic program designed to encompass all aspects of skating fundamentals and technique in a teaching rich learning environment. The primary focuses of the power skating program are balance, edge control, speed and transitional skating. Protocol specific weekly sessions will gradually build the players technique and confidence, parlaying skill specific aspects of skating into other techniques. The goal of the power skating program at The Hockey Loft is to build and transition skating skills off one another creating and understanding and appreciation of the skills involved in developing skating technique and mechanics.

The Hockey Loft also strives to have an excellent student to instructor ratio. With professionally qualified staff and a guaranteed 5:1 student to teacher ratio one can rest assured that each student gets not only the highest quality instruction but also small group and even individual coaching as well.

Cost: $350 (+ HST)

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Atom /Peewee/Bantam: September 7- November 9 9:30-10:30



- Intense power skating (ramp and resistance trainer)

- 50 minutes of intense skating training complimented by some shooting and puck handling drills

- A cardio workout that focuses on explosive power


Thursday August 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - 5:00pm-6:00pm (Atom/Peewee/Bantam)

Cost: $160 + HST   Click here to register

Program Description:

The Hockey Loft is pleased to present Power Skating Boot Camp. This program offers an extensive power skating regimen with a focus on explosiveness and cardiovascular training. Training will take place in The Hockey Lofts state of the art facility and will incorporate training on both the ramp and the resistance trainer; both training aids are unique to and developed by The Hockey Loft. The ramp is an inclined synthetic skating surface designed to develop explosive quick starts and overall skating speed while correcting general stride technique. Recorded at 45 feet in length and set at an 8 degree incline the ramp records the players start, mid-point and finish. This gives both the player and instructor the ability to monitor points of weakness and progression. The information of each run is recorded and saved for future reference.


The resistance trainer is a magnetically weighted resistance sled that can either be pushed or pulled to develop skating strength skating strength and skating technique. One can either push the resistance trainer by equipping horizontal bars or put on a body harness and pull the resistance trainer. The resistance trainer tracks the start time, mid-point and finish time of the player all of which is recorded and can be saved for future records and reference. Coaches teach proper fast start technique as well as practical stride correction.


Each session runs an hour in length which involves 50 minutes of explosive skating and cardio work as well as work related to other areas of skill development which will be incorporated as breaks between the skating exercises.



Rent The Hockey Loft – The most reasonable rental program in town!

Hockey is an ever evolving sport. Recent development and rule changes have placed much emphasis on raw skill and skill development. The days of clutch and grab hockey are long behind us. Shooting, puck handling and skating are the staple skills of today’s game, and without these basic foundations in place it is easy to fall behind. With ice time limitations and the need to teach team systems, these skills often become overlooked by coaches and organizations. There is a very feasible and functional answer to this problem. The Hockey Loft is a state of the art facility which is both cost and time effective while offering the best in skill development for any individual or team.


Individual Rental Rates:

1 Hour Rental: $150 +HST

1.5 Hour Rental: $200 +HST

2 Hour Rental: $220 +HST

Team Rental Rates:

1-4 Sessions (1 hour): $150 plus HST per session

1-4 Sessions (1.5 hour): $200 plus HST per session

5-9 Sessions (1 hour): $135 plus HST per session

5-9 Sessions ( 1.5 hour): $190 plus HST per session

10+ Sessions( 1 hour): $120 plus HST per session

10+ Sessions ( 1.5 hour): $175 plus HST per session


The Hockey Loft not only provides a state of the art facility it also offers professional skill instruction and skill development programs offered to coaches which are designed to get the most out of their players. Coaches will be walked through the facility and given a specific protocol on the equipment and drills needed to utilize the facility to its maximum potential. Every fifth session will be a progressing training session and The Hockey Loft training staff will be on hand to demonstrate and impart skill specific technique to the players. Owners Todd Harvey and Todd Hlushko have over three decades of professional hockey experience between them and have used their knowledge to develop training specific equipment and programs which help players understand and develop game specific skill sets.


There are 8 state of the art, controlled stations designed for a specific skill application at The Hockey Loft. Click here for more information on these stations.


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